Pre-application assistance

Revised pre-application assistance arrangements

The pre-application assistance arrangements have been re-designed to better meet the needs of our clients.

Industry has worked closely with the APVMA to co-design a new process which better manages all types of requests for assistance?from applicants as well as simplifying the fee for service arrangements for pre-application assistance.

What is pre-application assistance?

Pre-application assistance is designed to give applicants the opportunity to get technical advice before submitting an application. It can also be used to obtain an appraisal on a trial protocol or for agreement to project plans for a Global Joint Review.?

It provides applicants with the opportunity to reduce uncertainty for a specific prospective application. It is provided on a fee-for-service basis which can take the form of a written response, a face-to-face meeting or a teleconference.

The fees charged directly relate to the complexity and effort required and have been divided into three tiers.

Tier one

This tier is designed to support the early stages of preparing an application such as guidance and clarification on the types of assessments necessary for the proposed application.

For written assistance only there is a one month timeframe for this tier which extends to two months if a meeting is requested—this allows for setting up a mutually agreeable time and date.

Tier one assistance can provide advice on:

Tier two

This is used for technical advice to support a particular application and to give applicants greater confidence that their proposed submission will contain relevant information to address the safety, efficacy and trade criteria.

There is a two month timeframe for tier two and it can include a meeting if needed.

Tier two assistance can provide advice on:

  • types of supporting data?or information appropriate to the application
  • relevance or suitability of overseas data and/or assessment reports
  • the types of trials needed to generate appropriate data
  • a scientific matter relevant to an application
  • the development of an agreed project plan for a timeshift application
  • specific aspects of the design of a study or trial.

Tier three

This advice level can include an appraisal of a specific study design and finalisation of project plans for Global Joint Reviews.

There is a three month timeframe for tier three and it can include a meeting if needed.

Advice provided can include:

Note: advice provided about the adequacy of trial protocols does not guarantee that the data generated from the study will satisfy the statutory criteria.

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