Information and the use of information

‘Information’ includes knowledge communicated to the APVMA to enable it to assess relevant criteria in respect of an active constituent, a chemical product or a label (such as the safety, efficacy or trade criteria). It includes such things as reports, studies, reviews, descriptions of methods of analysis, scientific argument prepared to address relevant criteria, or other scientific work intended to inform the APVMA’s assessment of relevant criteria.

For the purposes of the limitation on use of information provisions, the Agvet Code defines the ‘use of information’ to include:

  • applying a decision made, or a conclusion reached, based on the information
  • the use of knowledge or understanding gained from the information.

Consequently, it is not necessary for information to be specifically delved into or looked at for it to be used. Rather, use also occurs whenever knowledge or understanding derived from the information is applied.

For example, referencing a registered chemical product in an application for registration of a new chemical product would be regarded as use of the information underpinning the registered product’s registration. This is because the purpose of referencing is to rely on the APVMA’s satisfaction of particular criteria for the registered product as establishing satisfaction of those criteria in respect of the new product

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